Tenant Representation

A leased space can say a lot about a business. Leases are done to attract a labor pool, set a company image, save on the bottom line, or a number of other reasons that set the course for a business. We work with you to implement that vision and provide advice and recommendations that will add value and make your real estate a competitive advantage.

Here are a few ways we can support your real estate move:

Clarity. Are you growing? Contracting? Changing the type of real estate needed? What will your business need in the years to come?

Our brokers work with you to establish how your long term goals can coincide with your real estate objectives. We help you establish the clarity of your needs over the lease term to establish a leasing strategy that suits your specific needs.

Identity. What identity works for your business? We will work with you to target specific properties to meet your identity and amenity needs. We can help you establish a prestigious image, budget-friendly, or even green image to enhance your brand.

Location. This is one that everyone knows but it is still the most important. We can help you establish the best potential location taking a number of factors into consideration.

Location for clients: Some clients like to work with local players. If your business has clients heavily concentrated in a specific area, it may be a great idea to have a local presence.

Location of resources: Manufacturing and distribution companies are especially concerned with proximity to vendors, suppliers and arterial roads.

Location of employees: Location will determine employees. Local labor pools, as well as proximity for current employees, should be evaluated to retain talent and maximize relocation value.

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