Investment Services

Investor needs can quickly change from acquisition, to long-term hold, to disposition. Our brokers help to measure tolerance for risk/reward and come up with a collective strategy to achieve your acquisition or disposition goals.

Time to buy: We help you evaluate opportunities in the market for either a traditional investor, or an owner/user. For an
owner/user, we evaluate your space options using a (Lease vs. Purchase) analysis to learn your true cost of ownership and forecast for the financial health of your business. For a traditional investor, we help you evaluate the short and long term returns and identify any current or future opportunities and risks.

Time to sell: Timing and price are the two most important factors when disposing of an asset. We work with you to establish your sales goals. Collectively, our team will run a thorough analysis of the asset and determine a realistic sale price and time frame accommodating your goals as much as possible.

Every acquisition and disposition will be unique and requires an individual evaluation. Please contact us with your buying or selling needs so we can help simplify the investment process.

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