Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation At Catalyst Commercial Real Estate, our brokerage teams who work on behalf of property owners and landlords, do more than searching and signing tenants. They help create the marketing platform that positions the property in the marketplace to secure the right tenants and enhance building value while supporting ownership goals.

There are several key aspects we consider when representing landlords and owners:

Competitive set. Who are we competing with? What advantages does our property have? How can we inform potential tenants about this advantage and strategically win tenants?
We strategically market unique characteristics about a property to highlight advantages that may help land future tenants. Highlighting the value of heavy parking, heavy power, or additional ingress/egress points may be the difference between vacant or leased space.

Don’t miss a prospect. Simply put, make potential tenants aware of the space we have available that may fit their needs.

This is an easy thought; but the execution is tough.

This is where we succeed.

While it is easy to throw up a “Space for Lease” sign, we work with potential tenants to show the value of a property and take the time to answer questions ensuring they fully understand the property’s unique benefits.

Our goal with each prospect is to turn awareness of a property into a viable option, leading to a completed lease.

Work with you. We work with you to ensure that we understand and work towards your specific real estate ownership goals and objectives.


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